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e2 Desire to Learn

“I want to take an active part in the learning process!”

Because this kind of research and progress relies on  understanding the development of the young minds of children, our method is to always look for ways  to encourage children to declare: “I want to take an active part in the learning process!”


We believe that in order to get there every child needs to go through 4 stages:

1) Bond – “I like it!”

Children automatically connect to games. Every child will  be  keen to learn a new  game and will enjoy it  if it’s interesting and fun enough.

2) Feel – “It interests me!”

Children will want to increase and improve their skills in a game that   interest them, because they aspire to achieve the goals of the game.

3) Understand: “I need it!”

Children understand that in order to progress in computer games they must understand the rules and persevere.  In Young Engineers programs children realize that they need engineering understanding in order to improve their skills and to achieve success in the game.

4) Empower – “I’m good at it!”

When children like something and interested in it, feeling and understanding that they need to improve and succeed, their will to learn will be reinforced. As a result they will gain additional expertise in relevant skills exceed in the topics they are learning.