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 We are an EPSB approved vendor     

  • Cooperation​
  • ​Curriculum Aligned                                                                             
  • Improving Communication Skills​                                                 ​
  • Team Challenge​                                                                                     
  • Problem Solving Skills​          
  • ​Developing Challenge-Coping Strategies​                                     
  • Developing Teamwork Strategies​
  • ​Developing Group Strategic Thought​                                            ​
  • Creating a Fun, Playful Environment​                  ​
  • Creative Thinking​                                                                                  
  • Thinking Outside the Box​

We bring the Field-trip to you!


 Edutainment Method:  Education+ Entertainment


What are In-School Field Trips and why should I book one?

How do we do it?  By combining two methods:


The Spiral Learning method: enables teachers to expose their students to various engineering principles, in a way
that for every new engineering principle taught, previous engineering principles are better understood and being extensively in use, providing comprehensive engineering inter-discipline understanding.


The PBL method: enhances independent learning skills, which is expected to assist students and adults alike to address real life challenges alongside learning.  We believe in a holistic educational approach made to engage and develop thoughts, feelings, and experiences, or in other words, we believe that learning should be fun.


Book a workshop!

As an approved vendor with EPSB, e2 Young Engineers is a children’s enrichment program that teaches children STEM concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) -skills that are necessary for creative and critical thinking, in a fun and exciting way, using LEGO with motors, gears, and batteries.

We have 3 Program Options that we can deliver to the students, all of which have a full formal instructional curriculum:

  • Big Builder: Kindergarten, 45 minutes
  • Bricks Challenge: Grades 1-5, 75 minutes-90 minutes
  • Galileo Technic: Grades 5-9, 90 minutes

For all our workshops, we will come to your school and teach the lessons, as well as provide each child with their own kit to build with.  Our program aligns well with the Alberta School Curriculum, and can recommend models according to grades.


  • Big Builder -$12/student.  A minimum fee will apply to classes with 16 or fewer students.
  • Bricks Challenge and Galileo Technic -$14/student for a one time workshop.  A minimum fee will apply to classes with 16 or fewer students.

If you are interested in booking a workshop, please provide a couple of options for dates, the number of classes and number of students.